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It is a Critical Time by Penny Chavers

Hurricane Irma has created a critical disaster destroying everything in its path.  It is causing the largest evacuation order in Florida since Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Evacuations are not fun but critical and necessary for those living in the path of this monster hurricane.

Stores and gas stations in Florida are running out of supplies and gas but if you are living in Florida and need to evacuate, DO NOT let that stop you from evacuating.  President Trump has issued the okay to lift regulations to allow trucks to get to the gas stations as quickly as possible and all tolls in Florida have been lifted so people can get out quicker.

If you live in Florida anywhere in the state, you do not want to hesitate.  This storm is nothing to play with.  Even the German definition of the name Irma is War Goddess.

And if anybody out there is even considering a “hurricane party” think again.  Don’t be foolish with your life or the life of a loved one by not evacuating.  It is highly critical that you take the appropriate precautions.

Those of you who know how to pray, join me in prayer for those who are in the path of this monster storm:

“Father in Heaven, I pray for all those throughout the state of Florida as well as the Carolinas, Georgia, and any other state that may be affected by this critical storm.  I pray for their safety first of all and that they have their every need taken care: food, water, transportation, fuel, and lodging wherever they are or are heading to.  I pray that those evacuating have safe travels from beginning to end.  Secondly, I pray that, by some miracle (and I do believe in miracles) that their property will be protected like the wise man who built his house upon the rock and not the sand.

Thirdly, I pray for all of those in the islands who have already lost lives or property.  I pray for peace for those who have lost loved ones in this storm.  And I also pray for restoration of those who have lost property to this storm.  Father, I know that you can multiply the funding to meet the needs of these people just like you fed the multitudes of the 5,000 and the 2,000 and had baskets full of food left over.

And lastly, I pray for all the victims of the floods in Texas as they try to rebuild their homes and their lives.  Father, You own the cattle on a thousand hills and You can meet the needs of all with no problem.

The enemy of our soul wants to steal, kill, and destroy but Father, You sent Your son to bring life and peace.  I pray for peace for all those who are in lack and are going through a storm whether literal or figurative.

I pray these things in the Name of Jesus,”


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